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Key Factors to Note When Purchasing a Hair Straightener.

If you want to look neat always, one of the things that you must always have by your side is a hair straightener. The right hair straightener will be of great importance to you and if well-maintained, it can last a long period without replacement. Not all hair straighteners are made the same way and thus, you must not assume that any of them will serve you best. For that reason, you must pick the best hair straightener and here are some useful tips that will go a long way to guide you in purchasing an ideal hair straightener.

Know which shape is the most appropriate. A majority of hair straighteners are flat, but you should pay close attention to their edges. These hair tools should have a bit rounded edges which make them easy to use. The rounded edges result in smooth operation while the straight ones might be a bit cumbersome to work with.

How wide is the plate? Wide plate hair straighteners are more efficient and effective. However, they might be big such that they cannot fit in your bag if you intend to travel with them. There is no problem if you have a wide plate hair straightener for home use but if you want a portable one, you will resort to the ones with a bit narrow plate. If you have soft and fine hair, the wide blade might provide excess heat that might damage the hair. Therefore, know the appropriate plate width for you bearing in mind your needs.

Which is the best plate? Almost all hair straighteners are made of metal but not all the metals are the same. Every metal plate has unique characteristics which make it suitable for specific types of hair. So, do not rush to pick a hair straightener when you do not know the metal it is made of. For instance, Titanium irons heat up fast and distribute heat evenly and they are appropriate for curly, coarse hair. Ceramic irons are less costly compared to Titanium and they work well for most types of hair, but with time, the ceramic part wears out exposing iron which does not distribute uniformly. For those with badly damaged hair, Tourmaline plates are the best as they give out lots of negative ions which reduce frizz and seal hair shaft.

How much heat should it produce? You know well that hair straightens using heat but when it is in excess, it can damage the hair. Not to damage your heat by too much heat, purchase hair straightener with heat regulator so that you set the right heat level for your hair.

Price of the hair straightener can provide some clue. Do not be lured by the cheap hair straighteners as they are likely to be substandard and can easily damage your hair. It is better to purchase a reasonably priced hair straightener which will give you the best result.
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